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The online application closes Friday 14 Oct.
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Step 01:
Complete Quad Chart
Download the quad chart and complete at your own pace. Quad charts are analogous to an “elevator speech”- you have minimal time to briefly inform the judges about why (via writing, illustration and/or photographs) your product is the best on the market.

Once you have completed the quad chart, return to the Prism online application. You will complete steps 2 through 4. Once you have submitted your quad chart, you will proceed to the payment page. Each application is $250.

Step 02:
Upload Quad Chart
Upload Quad Chart.
Max. file size: 8MB.
Step 03:
Company & Contact info.
* First Name:

* Last Name:

* Company Name:

* Address:

* City:

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* Zip/Postal Code:

* Country:

* Email:

* Phone Number:

Company Name:
Marketing and PR firms must indicate the Company, and Product or Process being nominated.

* Product/Process Name:

Company Website:

Product-specific Link:

Name of secondary contact (if any):

Email of secondary contact (if any):

* Category (Choose only one):

Step 04:
Submit Application
By clicking the "SUBMIT APPLICATION" button you will:

1) Agree that the information you have supplied (whether on this form or by mail, e-mail, or fax) is true and accurate and can be verified immediately upon request.
2) Be redirected to the SPIE shopping cart for payment processing. The application fee is $250.
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