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New process in 2018! Applicants self-select the categories, eligibility changes, and more
What does that mean?
How will this help me?
Why now?
In an effort to make the Prism Awards more accessible to more companies and products, we decided to have you, the applicant, choose where your product fits. You will choose a technology area (out of 16) and your target markets (more than 25 to choose from). Plus, there are additional questions to help you best explain your product. Intrigued? Review the application questions on the Application page.
Not only are you choosing the category, you also get to explain a little more about your product. This year, the application has 16 questions. Every question is designed to help you fully describe your product and for judges to be able to better review all products. So if you do your research, you should be able to prove why your product is the best--and why you should win. See eligibility info below.
This year, SPIE and Photonics Media are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Prism Awards. We have come a long way since 2008. This year, we are changing up the application, expanding promotion and recognition of applicants, finalists, winners, judges & presenters, and celebrating past participants. We hope you join us for this special year.
Why apply?
Detectors and Sensors | Imaging and Cameras | Illumination and Lighting | Integrated Optics | Silicon Photonics | Lasers | Laser Accessories | Laser Processing System | Illumination and Lighting | Materials and Coatings | Optics and Optical Components | Other Light Sources | Optomechanics | Test and Measurement Instrumentation | Quantum | Hardware and Software.
The $300 Prism Application Fee is a good investment. All applicants receive a ticket to the award reception & banquet ($250 value). Prism Award Finalists & Winners receive more than $35,000 worth of promotion (print, web, social media, and onsite promotion at Photonics West). New in 2018: winners receive free or discounted SPIE products (exhibit space and more). It's worth your time and money.
Augmented and Virtual Reality | Authentication and Identification | Healthcare | Life Sciences | 3D Printing | Robotics | Environmental and Agriculture | Surveillance | Defense and Security | Illumination | Smart Homes and Cities | Material Processing | UAVs | Space Research | Communications | Cosmetics | Pharmaceuticals | Energy | Semiconductor | Transportation.
Past Presenters Include
Past Winners Include
Past Finalists Include
Edgar Auslander, Oculus Research; David Bohn, Microsoft Hololens; Louay Eldada, Quanergy; Basil Garabet, NKT Photonics; Gloria Höfler, Infinera, Corning; Vincent Mattera, II-VI; Michelle Mihevc, FATHOM; Katharine Schmidtke, Facebook; Michael Mertin, Jenoptik; Homer Antoniadis, Dupont; Robert J. Phillippy, Newport; Mary Lou Jepsen, Google, Facebook, Openwater.
Agilent Technologies, Amplitude Systèmes, Coherent, Daylight Solutions, Dolby, Christie, Necsel, Fianium, General Electric, Hamamatsu, HÜBNER, Inrad Optics, Intel, Corning, US Connex, IPG Photonics Lumen Dynamics, Luxtera, National Semiconductor, Raytheon, TAG Optics, TeraDiode, Tessera, Thorlabs, Tornado Spectral Systems, Verisante Technology, WITec.
Ball Aerospace, Cogenra Solar, Cobolt, DILAS, Eastman Kodak, Edmund Optics, Element Six, ESPROS Photonics, Femtolasers, Haas Laser, e2v Semiconductors, JDSU, LIMO, Lockheed Martin, National Semiconductor, Newport, Northrop Grumman, Ocean Optics, Olympus, Osram, Philips Lumileds, PI, Specim Spectral Imaging, Texas Instruments, Thermo Scientific, Trumpf.
The Prism Awards recognizes new and innovative products in optics and photonics enabled industries.
• Product must be on the market by 1 February 2018
• Products must be new to market between January 2016 to 1 February 2018. Exceptions may be considered
• Proof of sale (PO, Intent to Purchase, etc.) is required no later than 1 February 2018
• Embargos are allowed until 1 February 2018
• Applicants do not need to be affiliated with SPIE
• Product can NOT be submitted to more than one category
• Pre-revenue products will not be accepted
• If your product is pre-revenue / still under development, apply to the SPIE Startup Challenge
The Fine Print
SPIE reserves the right to determine final placement of applications. An application that does not fulfill requirements for the 2018 application year, or if there are not enough applications (minimum 4) to develop a category in a defined area, will be removed from the competition and the application fee will be refunded.
Products that do not fulfill proof of sale requirements can be pulled from the competition. The application fee will not be refunded.
SPIE is not responsible for companies that do not make it to the Finalist or Winner rounds.
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