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Congratulations to these Prism Award Winners, recognized at Photonics West 2014
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Advanced Manufacturing
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Defense and Security
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Detectors, Sensing, Imaging, and Cameras
Tornado Spectral Systems
Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional GT (PPGT) is the most accurate and fastest 3D laser lithography system commercially available. The fully automated, tabletop PPGT is a driver of innovation for researchers in numerous key technologies including photonics, life sciences, medicine, fluidics, electronics, optics, and mechanical metamaterials. This 3D printer includes a user-friendly software package and an easy CAD import via DXR and STL file formats.
T-COGNITION, a stand-alone terahertz spectrometer that automatically detects and identifies hazardous substances in mail. Designed for public security in critical infrastructures like prisons, authorities, or embassies, the patented software operates in an almost water-free atmosphere without an external supply of dry air, nitrogen or other purging gases.
Tornado Spectral Systems’ OCTANE-860 (Optical Coherence Tomography Advanced Nanophotonic Engine) uses a disruptive nanophotonic platform where the dispersive element is integrated on a silicon chip. This makes the spectrometer smaller, less expensive, and more robust—the first of its kind to harness the scalability of integrated optics in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging.
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Industrial Lasers
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Life Sciences and Biophotonics
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Optics and Optical Components
r10004 Router
VPFL-ISP-1-40-HE-50000, the Ytterbium fiber laser with the shortest pulsewidth, highest peak power, and highest pulse energy. This fiber laser drills, cuts, scribes, and contours diverse materials (silicon, metals, and plastics), supporting key fields such as touch panel display, PCB manufacturing, and solar-cell, electronic, and automotive industries.
AV400 Vein Illuminator, a handheld, augmented-reality, laser camera that detects and projects a vein map on a patient’s skin. It uses hemoglobin’s IR absorption and an arrangement of scanned lasers to detect and re-project a vein map directly onto a patient’s skin. AV400’s technology allows the vein illumination device to be lightweight (less than 10 ounces), non-contact, accurate, permanently aligned, and movement tolerant.
r10004 Router, the first design to allow for a full mesh architecture and an ASIC-to-ASIC link using an optical interconnect. The Compass-EOS r10004 uses icPhotonicsTM technology to create a direct, silicon-to-photonics link. The switchless router architecture can be redesigned with optical interconnects, resulting in improved size (6 RU), weight power, and bandwidth. It is designed for service providers (internet, mobile, cable), data-center operators, and high-performance computing.
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Other Light Sources
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Scientific Lasers
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Test, Measurement, Metrology
Si-Ware Systems
MEMS FT-IR Spectrometer
Necsel’s key enabling technology for next-generation, laser-based 3D digital cinema projectors, the Frequency Converted Green Laser Array is high-power, multi-wavelength, frequency-converted, and extended-cavity surface emitting. This single laser-based projector meets the size, price, and reliability requirements of the digital cinema projector target market while reaching 4x the brightness of a single lamp-based projector.
Hübner’s C-WAVE is the first of its kind, delivering continuous-wave operation across the visible range from an all-solid-state device without the need to change laser media or optical components. An easy-to-operate, all-solid-state solution, the whole tuning range can be covered in a fully computerized way. C-WAVE is designed for researchers in fundamental and applied sciences who depend on widely tunable continuous-wave sources such as precision spectroscopy, quantum optics, material analysis, and photochemistry.
MEMS FT-IR Spectrometer, the first alignment-free, calibration-free, and shock-resistant FT-IR module on a chip scale. The module can be integrated into a wide variety of systems for qualitative or quantitative material analysis applications in various industries including environmental, healthcare, agriculture, food and beverage, industrial, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and law enforcement.
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