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Congratulations to these Prism Award Winners, recognized at Photonics West 2017
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Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
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Biomedical Instrumentation
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Detectors and Sensors
Rapid Biosensor Systems
TB Breathalyser
Tungsten-LAM is a powder-bed based AM system capable of manufacturing high melting temperature materials, such as tungsten.
TB Breathalyser is a "Breathalyser" style device for screening TB in a few minutes at the Point-Of-Care.
The GoSpectro is a simple device that turns any smartphone into a light spectrometer. Measure, save and export light spectra, on the go.
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Imaging and Cameras
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Industrial Lasers
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Materials and Coatings
TruTag Technologies
Handheld Hyperspectral Imager
Crystalline Mirror Solutions
xtal mir
Handheld Hyperspectral Imager: Model 4100 is the first device to capture a multi-megapixel hyperspectral datacube without external processing.
The novel 1030 and 1064-nm Ultra-Short Pulsed Seeder for Fiber Laser is one of the fastest in its wavelength range.
Ultrahigh-performance xtal mir mid-IR optical coatings completely redefine the performance metrics of reflectors.
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Category of
Optics and Optical Components
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Scientific Lasers
Nufern - Coherent
NuBEAM Flat-Top
The BLK360, with its revolutionary range-finder technology, is the smallest and lightest laser scanner ever made.
Nufern’s unique flat-top fiber technology efficiently provides simultaneous control of beam shaping and divergence.
Thorlabs Mid-Infrared Supercontinuum Laser is the first femtosecond fiber-laser pumped MIR SC source on the market.
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